5. Green Day

Green Day is another of my favorite bands!

With their first official album “American Idiot,” they were a huge hit to many of the music fans. With their unique punk music, they created a so-called “Neo-punk” music genre. Their songs are very straight-beated, rhythmic, and most of all, easy to play as a band. Actually, the first song that I learned how to play on guitar was Green Day’s song, Wake me up when september ends.

The drummer of the band, Tre Cool, influenced me as much as Travis Barker did. As the fans might have already noticed, his facial expression while he’s drumming is just hilarious and energetic. He looks as if he is truly enjoying.

Apart from the musical values, Green Day embeds some meaningful lyrics in their songs. American Idiot, for example, includes the inevitable and negative effects that televisions and the media are creating. We even studied their lyrics in one of our literature classes! (Thank you Mr. Rider)

Famous Tre Cool Quote: I wish people would turn off their computers, go outside, talk to people, touch people, lick people, enjoy each other’s company and smell each other on the rump. Tre Cool Quotes


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