6. Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony

Article from NYT In Grand Olympic Show, Some Sleight of Voice

The Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony for year 2008 was undoubtably one of the most magnificent event in Olympic history.

The Chinese government spent more than 40 billion US dollars to make this event the most memorable. However, in terms of the whole picture, was it effective?

I personally believe that the Chinese effort to create everything “perfect,” “synchronized,” and “huge-scaled” actually created a reverse psychology for some people, including myself. The fact that they put so much effort on what is being “shown” on television and not so much in other aspects creates doubt from the viewers. More than half of the Beijing residents cannt drive more the three weeks, nor smoke. Although their best intention is to represent China as a clean, perfect nation, I believe the efforts got besmirched by the one huge issue: lip-sync. The two children had to be deceived in order for the ceremony to run smooth. These issues become more serious and inhumane as we’re dealing with innocent children. Just because a girl is “not pretty,” and a girl doesn’t have the “right voice,” the girls got deceived, and the whole world got deceived. How can there be a better image of China left in people’s minds? I opine that there could’ve been a better alternative.


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