9. Drumsticks

This is a brief entry about the different types of drumsticks and their uses. Drumsticks are the artist’s brushes, sprinter’s shoes, and mathematician’s calculators. It is one of the most essential supplementary and complementary drummer’s items.

Drumsticks vary in colors, material, types of tips, and most importantly, size and length.

The three most commonly used materials for making drumsticks are maple, oak, and hickory. Hickory is the most commonly used stick, for it is the hardest.

There are also two types of drumstick tips, including wood tips and nylon tips. Wood tips usually give softer sounds while nylon tips provide clearer and louder sounds. There are also different shapes of tips, which include “waterdrop” and “round.” Round ones are usually used for powerful rock musics.

Drumsticks also differ in sizes. 5A, the most commonly used drumstick, is useful for orchestra percussions and regular drumming. 7A, a slightly thinner and shorter one, is good for jazz. 3A, the thickest one, is used for metal.

There are other types of drumsticks, too, including the mallet (used for timpani or smooth jazz) and brushes (for blues and jazz). (Some are shown in the photo. It’s quite fun to collect them!)


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