10. Got Food?

Cultures vary from places to places, time to time. One interesting aspect of the variegated cultures is the food. People have different tasting buds that prefer different esters and smells. What food is considered weird and abnormal?

Here is a video of some of the most “exotic” food that people actually eat. Cockroaches, scorpions, snails, cow brains, testicles, and the list goes on. One of my weirdest food experiences occurred to me in Nanjing, China.

As our soccer team walked into the Yadong Hotel in Nanjing, we were already soaked with exhaustion after the tournament. We ran to the dining tables, and glanced through the menu… Potato Chips… Popcorn… Peanuts… Watermelon Seeds… … wait… what??? As we went down the list, the more exotic food came up: duck gizzard, preserved duck head, salted cow tongue, etc.


We just decided to eat popcorns.

I do not want to state that these food were disturbing, but they were clearly different from our culture. I still want to respect their culture and perspectives. However, one video shocked me.

This is a clip of Chinese people slaughtering dogs for meat. If this is the true case for most of the “exotic” food, then I would definitely go against them.