18. Hagwon in U.S. cash in and U.S. teens cheat

This post refers to two of the articles, one about increasing number of Hakwon in America, and one about increasing number of academic integrity violations.

There are a number of Korean students who withdraw from prestigious universities after they find it extremely difficult to catch up with their peers in English writing and in logical reasoning – which is fundamental to studying in Western classrooms.

hakwonAccording to the articles, the number of after-school academies, commonly known as Hakwon in Korea, in the United States is dramatically increasing. As the number of students studying in the states increases, the Korean system of education has also traveled with the students. The after-school academic programs, known as “Sa Gyu Yook” in Korea, i s a serious issue. Almost all the parents believe that this extra education is mandatory for students to get accepted into prestigious colleges, in and out of Korea. Are the parents unreasonably obsessed?

I believe for the most part the parents are correct. Korean public education lacks focus and passionate teachers. Since the government cannot pay them well, why would they want to teach? More and more talented teachers take steps closer to private-educational-systems, such as Hakwon and tutors, to earn more money. Ergo, Hakwons become increasingly expensive, while they also become a requirement.

According to the survey done by ITStats, more than 54% of the Korean high schoolers go to Hakwon. Surprisingly, even more number of kindergarteners attend Hakwons (over 92.5%). This represents the seriousenss of Korean obsession. StatisticsThe bad news is that US is getting affected, too. More and more Hakwons are literally “immigrating” into the states. Myriads of Hakwons are settling into spaces now. How would this affect the US education system? How would the American government react to this? I believe US colleges, which all put significant amount of weight on individuality and personal growth, would strongly oppose to the Hakwon system. I think it should, too.


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